2018 Tokyo Salary guide

05 Mar 2018

Morgan McKinley 2018 Salary Guide covers salary ranges within Japan across a range of disciplines and the industry sectors served by Tokyo office.

Welcome to Morgan McKinley’s 2018 Tokyo Salary Guide. Click the links below to view salary guides for the disciplines we recruit in.

In the 2018 Salary Guide you will find brief commentaries on disciplines and the specific industry sectors served by Morgan McKinley in Japan.  It includes our outlook for 2018, together with tabulated figures setting out average pay rates according to level of experience and seniority. 

In the financial services sector, 2017 was a year of contrasts. The year started out a little jittery, with the shadow of the previous years events like Brexit, the US election and China’s slow-down still lingering. By mid Q2  confidence seemed to have returned and hiring was back up to 2016 levels in the second half of the year.  

Within the commercial sectors the trend in a number of organisations to offshore/outsource any transactional support and back office functions continued. They instead  chose to focus on retaining, and growing, teams that partner with revenue generation functions in a real value add capacity rather than just in a transactional manner. Most organisations were hiring into their sales & marketing divisions, but as ever different industry sectors fared better than others. In particular Tech, FMCG, Food & Beverage and renewable energies were hiring. Conversely in the telecom and the fashion & retail sectors job volume was down on the previous year.  

Looking forward into 2018, with the Rugby World Cup (2019) and Olympics (2020) looming we anticipate the hospitality and the food & beverage industry will continue to ramp up their operations. We also expect job volume in the financial services sectors to remain consistent . Automation remains a priority for a number of organisations, so AI focussed/fintech companies are likely to continue to hire quite aggressively. We also foresee high demand for any functions that involve big data analysis. Topically a number of other countries have clamped down or even banned cryptocurrencies exchanges. Japan, however, has adopted a favourable regulatory environment, making it a location of choice for these institutions.We anticipate increased demand in the sector.  

Low unemployment figures, a low applicant to job opening ratio and the ongoing battle with Japan's demographics has provided a number of organisations with a bit of a headache in filling their open headcount in recent years. The early indicators for 2018 are that demand will outstrip supply and the “war for talent” looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. .  

I hope you will find the report useful. If you would like more detailed commentary or have any thoughts on current salary trends across the professional occupations covered by Morgan McKinley in Japan, we would be very interested to hear from you.