Top Programming Languages for 2017

Top Programming Languages for 2017

Paul Roberts 05 Sep 2017

I recently came across an interesting article on Spectrum, the magazine of the IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) on the top programming languages of 2017.

According to the article’s research and weighting system, the top 10 are as follows:

- Python
- C
- Java
- C++
- C#
- R
- JavaScript
- Go
- Swift

In many respects, this mirrors the demand for programming skills we have seen in the Tokyo IT jobs market during 2017. Python is finding it’s way onto more and more job descriptions, from Data Science related to DevOps, as companies seek to make use of its extensive libraries and ease of maintainability. C, C++, Java and C# continue to dominate in the server-side development requirements we see, while JavaScript maintains its position as the lingua franca of web development and features on most of the full-stack developer roles we receive. On the mobile front, Java for Android and Swift for iOS dominate globally, with Objective-C dropping down the rankings while Swift rises. In terms of Tokyo roles, we’re usually seeing a mix of Objective-C and Swift as iOS requirements, and expect Swift to dominate as Apple’s preference.

You can read the original article here: The 2017 Top Programming Languages

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