Top 7 Activities Workers Got Up To During GW 2019

Cecily Kome May 13, 20194 mins read

Having 10 days National Holidays back to back is not a normal encounter for most workers in any country but yet in Japan, we relished the moment.

Well, with mixed feelings I should say as some thought this was bad for business while the majority thought this was paradise.
It’s no surprise that the Japanese are some of the most hardworking people in the world but the 10 days Golden Week was something that got a lot of people excited and thinking about what they should get up to for the next 10 long days. Of-course flights would be at a sky-high with most people seeing this as the perfect second Christmas/New Year holiday to fly abroad.  For those who stayed, well what were some of the amazing activities they got up to? As a foreigner in Japan, I still have a lot to learn myself so I asked some colleagues what would be the perfect getaway? I received some fun yet interesting suggestions and these were just some of the favorite 7 activities people did during Golden Week:
1.    Motor-Cycling across Japan
For people who like to live dangerously, a motorcycle bike ride may seem like the perfect way to start your holidays. Asked one of my close colleagues and she mentioned that despite the bad weather at the start of GW, taking her bike out and exploring the outskirts of Japan along the coastlines was the best fresh of breath air she could take, away from the hustle and bustle in Tokyo.
2.    Road Trip
If you enjoyed a family time out or just chilled with a group of friends on a road trip than you must have been with the other 10% of holidaymakers doing the exact same thing. I was one who enjoyed a short road trip with some of my colleagues to Tateyama in Chiba. On the way there, we stopped at Kamogawa Sea World and with the rain, we enjoyed being splashed on by dolphins and killer whales and for the next 2 and a half days we enjoyed the long walks and the BBQs by the sea. Another colleague, however, took a road trip in a particular romantic fashion while camping along the way and gazing out at the stars in a mini-van and spent 6-7 days on the road until she and her boyfriend reached Wakayama. Japan has a lot of beautiful and nature filled scenery in which you only get to enjoy when you take a long drive.  
3.    Fishing
There are some people who would rather get away from all the hype and make do with simple fishing gear, find their way down to a river or lake, whip out their fishing rods and enjoy the slow pace of time going by. A mad fisherman colleague of mine says, fishing is like meditation if not with friends or family and it’s an activity you can totally take up on your own. Asked why? Well it's fun, the excitement of something pulling on your fishing line is amazing since you won’t know if it’s a big fish or a small fish or whether it’s some completely random octopus but at the end of the day you can take your find home and cook it the way you like.
4.    Festivals Festivals Festivals
If you stayed in Tokyo during the Golden Week then you most probably attended some of the hot festivals like the Kurayami Festival, Kachiya Festival, Spring Oktoberfest, Odaiba Hawaii Festa or the Meiji Shrine Spring Grand Festival. If you had fun at these festivals then maybe it was because of all the fun vibes, colors, activities and most importantly the Nikufes. That’s right, there's no festa without good barbecued meat and booze.
5.    Izakaya Hopping
While others sort after the road trips and festivals, most people took an easy option of dining out and enjoying the smokey, authentic atmospheres that only good Izakayas provide. Eating out and drinking with friends at an Izakaya is probably the best way to pass time.
6.    No time like Family time
There are lots of fun activities different families get up to and if that means spending time outdoors, taking kids to different fun festas, BBQs, visiting cousins and the in-laws or having family visits from abroad, one thing we cannot dispute during a long holiday is that “time spent with family is always time well spent”.  
7.    Holidays in the Office
Despite the fact that many were ecstatic about the long holidays to get out of Tokyo, have fun, laze around, watch TV, sleep and etc, others thought it was the best time to catch up on work. Like a few of my hard-working colleagues, they found the empty office “fantastic” and the surroundings to be a breather to do some quiet work. If this was you, then I am sure you made more progress than the rest of us come the aftermath of GW.

So back from Golden Week if you are looking to change your job or just interested in where the market is standing, please do not hesitate to drop us a line or get in touch with us.

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