Thinking about a career move? Is it time to Marie Kondo your job?

Sonia Hou August 19, 20193 mins read

I pondered on whether the same approach could be, or should be taken when looking at your job, as many people are spending a lot of their precious time in roles, offices, or around colleagues that do not “Spark Joy” in their lives.

What are you good at? Do more of that!

Work out which parts of your job you excel at as it is more likely you are passionate about this part of your working day. If you are unsure of what your strengths are, think about the tasks you are enthusiastic about doing and the parts of your day when you feel energised. Forbes Coaches Council has many other suggestions to help you work out your strengths if you are unsure.

Do the people around you inspire you, do they spark joy or is it time to move?

Let’s face it, if your favourite co-worker is the coffee machine, the office manager is a hot mess, and your boss is the kind to stab you in the back and then ask why you’re bleeding… you need to ask yourself if there is a better working environment for you. One of the key reasons people take the jobs I present to them is who they are working for and with. And my clients tend to hire people they like. One consulting client cited he would always think ‘would I be happy to spend a long haul flight sat next to this person?’. 

A recent study from Gallup shows that one in two employees have left a job to get away from a bad boss. If your boss is making your life seriously miserable, there are some tips you can try to improve the situation. Alternatively, you could be happier thanking your current leader for everything they have given you and taking yourself off to a more joyous place. 

Often candidates will choose the boss over the job.

When interviewing with a potential future boss don’t be afraid to ask them some questions about their career to date. What makes them someone you should work for? The interview is a two-way street. Do your due diligence, meet the team before accepting the role and speak to others that may have worked for your future boss. Your day to day happiness is at stake so do that extra bit of digging.

How much money is enough?

Now many think, yes I could be happier if I dropped a day a week or took a less demanding role, outsourced all the stuff I hate doing or followed my passion however many are scared that any drop in salary would result in more stress and less happiness. However, a recent study proves that there is a level of satiation and any money earned above this point does not increase happiness. 

How much should you be getting paid?

Find Out

If you have considered all these factors and feel that a lot more said “joy” could be sparked in your working life, you may want to think about how you want for your future work life to look. Times, they are a changing and many companies are going above and beyond to adopt new ways of working to facilitate that “spark” people want to feel in their working life.

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