More effective ways of LinkedIn usage and how to be an All-Star LinkedIn user

Masumi Kanazawa 17 Apr 2019

We are pleased to inform you that we have a new function “APPLY with LinkedIn” on our Morgan McKinley Japan website.

In order to be more effective with your job search and create effective networking engagements, I would like to share some insights on how to have an All-Star level of LinkedIn profile.

Hope it will help a lot with your bright career!!


Why should you invest your time and effort in creating a LinkedIn profile:

  1. Have a centralized location for your resume and profile that potential Hiring Managers/Consultants can see.
  2. Represent yourself on the world’s largest professional career networking SNS.
  3. Showcase your current work and projects.
  4. Connect with headhunters and consultants who can help you in finding your next opportunity. 
  5. Can be visible on search engines when consultants are research the market.
  6. Having a well-organized LinkedIn profile with your latest experiences and skills show that you are adaptive to the latest technology.
  7. Collect endorsements and recommendations for your skills and work experience. This is modern-day reference checking.
  8. Position yourself in a way that jobs come to you.
  9. Follow companies and industries; get insights into current career trends.
  10. Create infinite possibilities with your profile such as listing your publications, certifications, and courses.

What do Consultants look for in profiles:

  1. Key words indicating Specific skill sets
  2. Experience in a particular industry
  3. Career consistency


Based on the above, here are the hints to have an All-Star Level of LinkedIn profile.

First of all, mention the exact skills in which you have expertise by using numbers:

 [[e.g. of IT manager]] 

△ (OK) Led a global project in the development of CRM system

◎ (All-Star) Led a global project with 10 team members in the development of salesforce system by using SQL

[[e.g of Technical Support Engineer]]

△ Assisted with launching new start up system to ensure efficiency

◎ Supported 200 internal users on a new start up system of office 365 to ensure their work efficiency

Secondly, even though Consultants know a lot of companies’ backgrounds, it is advisable to indicate which industry your current and past companies have been a part of. This way your profile can be easily captured when we research profiles. Also, it shows your area of specialization.


Once your profile is ready, it is time for you to fully utilize this new function on our website collaborating with LinkedIn!!

Additionally, there is another advantage that you are also able to convert your LinkedIn profile into PDF.

You can explore from both PC and mobile now.

Click Below for the video instructions on how to apply.

  1. Go to our website-Job search
  2. Select a job and click "View this job"
  3. Apply Now
  4. Apply with LinkedIn
  5. Login to LinkedIn
  6. Register your information
  7. Apply Now


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