Four reasons you may have been headhunted

Yoshiki Kumazawa February 22, 20182 mins read

I've noticed many people in Japan still feel being headhunted is somewhat unusual. Professionals tend to be quite modest and often mention that they are just an “average employee” don't always understand how they got noticed.

Talk success

If you are performing well at your job there is a chance that good word of mouth will spread around to others, and eventually reach a recruiter. Don’t be shy to talk about your success, as recruiters often ask around if they know professionals who could be a good fit for a specific job.


Be sure to constantly network and stay in touch with successful and talented people. Be aware of what is going on around you and what is happening. Again, I am mentioning “constant” as for networking when you are only looking for a job, it can come across as insincere and people will be more reluctant to help you the day you need it.

Be visible

As recruitment is evolving, it is essential to be online and have a visible detailed profile on one of the professional networking sites such as LinkedIn. Be sure to have a complete profile and if possible have solid references which can create a good impression of you. Also by attending large seminars and networking events will help in expanding your connections.

Use a recruiting firm to hire

For recruiters, a candidate can turn into a client and vice versa. As a professional if you use recruiting firms to hire people, recruiters will know you as a client and if you have a solid professional relationship with them, they will be likely to keep you abreast of roles on the market.

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