How to format your CV - for sales professionals

How to format your CV - for sales professionals

Ji Youn Yoo 08 Sep 2017

The simpler the better

The key to a good resume is to keep it short and simple. An 8-page long resume with 20 bullet points under each work experience does not effectively showcase who you are or what you have accomplished as a sales professional.
Instead, focus on your most recent and relevant experiences. If you are a senior salesperson with 20+ years of experience in a number of companies, 1-2 bullet points will be enough for your first couple of work experiences. This applies the same to experiences in less relevant jobs or industries.

Talk about the specifics

To keep your CV short and simple, it is essential to prioritize and summarize, leaving only the key information on your resume and getting rid of all the less important. To do this effectively, remember 3 things: Territory, Target, and Result.


Who were your clients? (Company size + Industry)

What products did you sell to your clients?


What was your sales target?

What was the actual figure? (To keep it short and simple - put annual figures instead of monthly ones)


What have you accomplished?

What new skills / knowledge have you acquired?

Target your audience

Ask yourself the question: “What would the hiring managers like to read from my resume?” and shape your CV accordingly. If you have years of experience as a sales manager and are applying for a senior managing position, make sure to provide more details on your previous management experience. If you have some experience in managing a team but would like to apply for an individual contributor role, briefly mention your management experience and focus more on describing your individual sales figures and accomplishments.

Why should they hire you?

Write an executive summary of your experiences and put it on the top of your resume. Here, you should not only talk about your experiences (role, industry, management level) and biggest achievements, but also describe what makes you a good salesperson. Talk about your personal traits that make you a great sales professional and demonstrate the benefits of hiring you.
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