4 Big Reasons for Finance Professionals to Join Big 4

4 Big Reasons for Finance Professionals to Join Big 4

Anke Kennis 03 Aug 2017

If you are a mid-career professional in accounting and finance you may wonder what the best career step is for you in Japan.

A lot of people in their late 20s or 30s think they are too old to apply to one of the Big 4 (Deloitte, PwC, EY and KPMG) because they have been told that it is only for fresh graduates or highly experienced professionals. However, these companies are always looking for people who are now mid-career for staff or senior staff level roles.  Especially if you are a qualified accountant or if you are studying for your CPA or Boki you can get valuable training at Big 4. Also management consultants, auditors and data analysts can kickstart their career with these options.

What do all of the Big 4 have in common? 

A fantastic learning environment 

Since you will be working amongst highly experienced finance professionals, a lot of whom possess a USCPA or similar qualification, you will be in an excellent environment where you can learn daily and ask questions directly.

Step up in your career

Get ahead of your peers by entering one of these prestigious companies and get to work with Fortune 500 clients. A lot of other companies highly regard experience at Big 4 companies so you will have a lot of options after your time there. You can advance more quickly in your career with this training and experience.

Annual promotion 

Big 4 have an up or out policy. Hard workers are rewarded for their input during the annual evaluation. You can go from staff-level to managing people in a relatively short time. That will give you higher market value and if you chose to go in-house, you can potentially get a substantial salary increase. If you are currently an accountant, auditor, financial analyst(management accounting) or consultant studying to become a US Certified Public Accountant, you stand a good chance to apply. 

International mobility

Big 4 not only promotes their finance professionals yearly, they also give international opportunities for their high performers to relocate to other offices around the world. If you have the language ability you can get exposed to top clients and executives globally. If working abroad is your dream, a career at Big 4 can make that come true.

So if you are ready for a challenge that will speed up your career in finance, accounting, audit or even data analysis, let us know and we can help you with your job change. 

If you want more information on working for Big 4 companies drop me a line or give me a quick call and I can answer your question(s). We at Morgan McKinley can help you apply and give you valuable information on how these companies work. 

Let’s meet up for a coffee and talk in more detail on how to grow your career.

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